Greek Doctor Arrested for ‘Jews Not Welcome’ Sign


A Greek doctor who posted a “Jews Not Welcome” sign outside his office was arrested for inciting racial hatred.

The doctor, a 57-year-old neurologist from Thessaloniki, also was charged with weapons possession and "pro-Nazi beliefs", according to the Greek Reporter. The sign was written in German. The doctor, who has not been named, is a member of the Greek social nationalist Golden Dawn party and an avowed supporter, according to reports.

The party is hated by jews for its "Nazi swastika-like" flag and "Holocaust-denying" leadership. Police found three daggers, 12 knives and pills without prescriptions at the doctor’s home. Two of the daggers were engraved with "Nazi symbols". The Jewish community of Thessaloniki was a big center of Sephardic Jewry for 450 years following the expulsion from Spain. It had a pre-World War II Jewish population of 55,000; now about 1,000 Jews live there.


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