German Nationalist Party Demands to Know Number of Jews in Dortmund


Document circulating online and in media claims local Nationalist party demanded list of names,

addresses of city's Jews in order to do its job. But the zionist mayor refused and slammed the request, passing it on to legal authorities who are working to outlaw the party. According to different reports, the party, known as Die Rechte (The Right), wrote a letter to Dortmund Mayor Ullrich Sierau through its lone city council member, Dennis Giemsch, requesting to know many Jews live in and around the city, as well as their addresses.

Branch of Greek National Socialist Party Golden Dawn Legalised in Spain


The Spanish branch of greek White National Socialist party Golden Dawn has been registered as a political party in Spain.

The Spanish Ministry of the Interior registered the Valencia based Amanecer Dorado on the register of political parties. Party president Antonio Vicedo Valdes is a former member of the Alianza Nacional. Valdes has not hidden his views and was arrested in 2001 for putting up "neo-Nazi propagandist" posters.

British Nationalists Arrested Simply for Planning Protest


It could not be more obvious that the British have been over run by a bunch of subversive Marxists.

A group of patriotic British nationalists were arrested simply for planning a protest outside of the office of subversive MP Luciana Berger. This woman recently got the British government to arrest nationalist Garron Helm because he identified her as a "Jewess" on the Internet. This has created a great deal of anger towards her prompting these young men to rightly protest the insanity of the situation.

Reformed Racist to Launch Multicultural Branch of the Ku Klux Klan


A top racist hater from Montana is recruiting for a new multicultural Ku Klux Klan.

John Abarr of Great Falls says he has renounced his racist hatred, and wants to make up for past hurt feelings. He has started a new Klan chapter called the Rocky Mountain Knights, which has says will not discriminate against people because of race, religion or sexual orientation. “The KKK is for a strong America,” Abarr said. “White supremacy is the old Klan. This is the new Klan.”

Sweden: National Socialists Cleared of Knife Attack on Nigerian


A Stockholm court has cleared three National Socialists of stabbing a Nigerian man in an unprovoked attack.

But two of the men will face jail after they were convicted of racial agitation at a riot. Södertörn district court said it could not prove that the three members of the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR) had carried out a knife attack in the Stockholm suburb Hökarängen, despite witness testimony from a man they knew.

German Intelligence Reforming after "neo-Nazi" Scandal


Chancellor Angela Merkel says domestic intelligence is going through reforms following its failures in preventing "neo-Nazi murders".

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency has gone through reform following a "major scandal" surrounding a "neo-Nazi" cell, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday. Members of the National Socialist Underground, or NSU, are accused of killing eight Turkish immigrant, a dark skinned Greek immigrant as well as a ZOG policewoman between 2000 and 2007

German Children Rebel against Multiculturalism with “Heil Hitler” Greetings


An entire class of about 30 german school children,

aged 14 to 15, in a German school near Leipzig are under investigation after they were suspected of using National Socialist slogans and phrases. The students from class 9A at Landsberg Gymnasiums were also suspected of using “Heil Hitler” as a greeting. One student sent a joke which said “Why did Hitler kill himself? [Because] The Jews sent him the gas bill.” The photo above is a compilation of some of the images circulated by the German media.

Greece: Youth Vote for Golden Dawn for "Racist/Supremacist" Reasons, Study Finds


Debunking myth that the swing to Golden Dawn is due to exclusively to the economic crisis,

researchers at Athens Panteion University show that young voters agree with "racist-supremicist" position of the white nationalist party. Young people who voted for Golden Dawn in 2012 did so out of ideological conviction and not for reasons stemming from the economic crisis, a new study from a leading Athens university shows.

Jews of Greece Seeks Trial for 70 Greek Nationalists


A zionist prosecutor heading a yearlong investigation into Golden Dawn recommended that its leader,

17 other lawmakers, and dozens of party officials and supporters stand trial on a range of charges, including "running a criminal organization and murder". In a 700-page report, seen by the Associated Press, prosecutor Isidoros Doyiakos describes Golden Dawn as a staunchly hierarchical organization that aimed "to propagate and impose its political beliefs and theories through violence."

Austrian Teenager Sentenced 10 Months for Posting Swastika on Facebook


An Austrian teenager committed a new holocaust by posting German National Socialist symbols on Facebook.  Since posting swastikas and symbols of the sort on Facebook will lead to 60 trillion Jews being turned into soap, he was sentenced to prison time.

BBC VIDEO: The Rise of British Nationalists Online


PC Media Outraged over “Diversity is White Genocide” banner in Australia


The Courier Mail has written a very one-sided report about a banner that was put up on an overpass in Springwood, Australia.

“It’s just a big let-down to see pictures like that especially so close to home,” said Zach Powson, from Logan, according to the Courier Mail. “When I first saw it I was outraged. If I saw that driving down the highway I would be fuming behind the wheel.” “Why is this still going on, can’t we learn from history. There needs to be more of an acceptance of the different cultures.”

VIDEO: Media in Tears as Swastika Flags Fly on Illinois Home


I have often said that any type of public demonstration of pride in our heritage is positive,

given that it will inevitably draw media attention, and thus help to put the ideas into the minds of the people.  Here is one such instance. A man in Illinois is flying two swastika flags on his home, and the local media is flipping out. WAND also noted that the man had a “WPWW” sticker on his car, and said they contacted the SPLC about it and were told it was “White Pride World Wide,” which is the name of a hate group.

Zionist-Controlled German Police Suspect "neo-Nazis" of Reichstag Attack


Investigators believe a Molotov cocktail thrown at the Reichstag building in Berlin early on Monday morning was the work of a "far-right" group, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The link to political extremism means that the case will now be handed over to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany's domestic security agency. A flyer from a "neo-Nazi" group was found at the Paul-Löbe-Allee entrance to the parliament building where a Molotov cocktail was thrown at around 2am.

Ku Klux Klan Paper Delivered in Zeeland, Michigan "Shocks" City Officials


Zeeland officials expressed shock after dozens of newspapers produced by a Ku Klux Klan group were dropped off early Monday morning,

Councilman Schyuler Wilson told The Sentinel he heard a pick-up truck rumbling down Church Street. When he stepped onto his porch he found a copy of the newspaper. "I looked down the street and they were on everyone's lawn, in blue bags," he said, adding he saw more on his walk to work, including bundles left on the lawns of some downtown churches.

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