Golden Dawn Vote Holds Steady Despite Massive “Democratic” Repression and Communist Attacks


The Golden Dawn vote in Greece has held steady and the party has returned 17 seats in the parliament,

coming third overall—despite the year-long jailing without trial of almost its entire leadership team. In the elections—which saw the crypto-communist Syriza party win the most seats—Golden Dawn polled 6.28 percent of the vote, or 388,307 votes. This compares favorably with their June 2012 election result of 6.92 percent, or 426,025 votes. Then they took eighteen seats in the parliament.

Nationalist Report: PEGIDA Spreads to Vienna, Front National Rising, Nationalism Rising in Sweden


With each day that passes, the Nationalist movement grows stronger and stronger.

The flood gates have burst open, and the establishment has no means of suppressing the rising tide of Nationalism as it spreads like wildfire throughout the West. Indeed, the day of reckoning for the treasonous political class and their comrades in the media is fast approaching. Today's Nationalist Report will cover Marine Le Pen's Front National party's victory, PEGIDA's initial rally in Austria, and the rise of "Islamophobia" in Sweden.

Greece's Finance Minister Says his Country is like Germany "Just before the Nazis Took Power"


Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is in Germany on Thursday,

and he's making comments that are going to catch a lot of attention. In a news conference with German finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, Varoufakis said Greece now is like Germany in the 1930s, before the Nazis came to power. Here are Varoufakis' comments, according to Open Europe, a think tank that was tweeting out the lines.

British Nationalist Group is Planning a Rally against the Jewification of Great Britain


Organizers of march in Stamford Hill, which has biggest haredi population in Europe, say it is time to fight back against Jewification of Britain.

An anti-Semitic group is planning a rally against the "Jewification of Great Britain" in an area of north London with a strong ultra-Orthodox population. The rally, set for March 22, is organized by a group called "Liberate Stamford Hill", referring to a district of the British capital that has the highest concentration of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Europe.

Poland: A Young Woman’s Adventures with a Hardcore Nationalist Organization (VIDEO)


Here we have an extremely attractive, and intelligent, young Polish woman,

who speaks of her journey into the rapidly rising far-right political movement in her struggling nation. During the course of several months, nineteen year old Paulina offered to share her most intimate daily thoughts and actions with a reporter and camera crew from Britain’s borderline-Marxist publication The Guardian, mainly focusing on an unsuccessful campaign for a seat on her hometown’s local council.

Golden Dawn Takes Third Place in Greece Elections


Greece’s far-right radical party Golden Dawn is expected to come third in the parliamentary election.

The party is showing remarkable staying power, despite most of its members and lawmakers facing fake criminal charges. News of Golden Dawn’s all-but-official success comes as the far-left Syriza and the Independent Greeks parties, which came in first and second, reached an agreement on the formation of a coalition government.

Thousands in Dresden Anti-Islamization March Despite Leader’s "Hitler-Photo Fallout"


Some 17,000 supporters of the controversial movement PEGIDA joined the weekly March at its stronghold Dresden, Germany.

The light image of the movement was hurt last week when its co-founder resigned over a Hitler lookalike photo. The rally was the first since threats against the life of co-founder and former leader of the Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) Lutz Bachmann prompted city police to ban last week’s rally.

Italian Fascists Convicted in Rome for "Massive Hate Campaign" against Jews


Six people were convicted of having "fascist sympathies and found guilty of racial and ethnic hatred" in Rome,

after targeting leading politicians and the head of the jews of Rome with "offensive graffiti". The members of the fasicists group, Militia, received sentences of between eight months and a year and a half under Italy’s anti-discrimination law, Ansa reported. One person was acquitted while two others negotiated eight-month plea bargains.

PEGIDA Leader Lutz Bachmann under Police Investigation after ‘Hitler selfie’ Appears Online


The leader of Germany’s anti-Islamisation movement stepped down after a picture emerged of him sporting a Hitler-style haircut and moustache,

along with racist slurs he posted on Facebook. “Yes, I am stepping down from the board,” Lutz Bachmann, 41, was quoted as telling Bild daily in an online report. Addressing his followers on Facebook, he said: “I sincerely apologise to all citizens who felt attacked by my posts.” “They were thoughtless statements that I would not make today. I am sorry that I have damaged the interests of our movement with them and I am acting accordingly.”

UK: "Islam must die" and Swastika Sprayed on Walls of University of Birmingham and Mosque


Third world people can rape thousands of White girls for over a decade and the police ignore it,

but when someone paints swastikas and anti-Moslem graffiti it becomes a high police priority. The British government and its police forces are nothing but cowards to their own people for allowing this insanity to continue. Birmingham is crawling with Moslems so this type of graffiti is only a natural reaction to what is an obvious invasion.

Pittsburgh: Ku Klux Klan Flyers Calls Martin Luther King a Communist Pervert (VIDEO)


Residents in Pittsburgh’s Manchester neighborhood woke up Monday to find flyers criticizing Martin Luther King Jr. littering one of their streets.

About a dozen flyers, which claim to be from the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, were found scattered on Pennsylvania Avenue. "They are obviously trying to incite somebody; it’s Martin Luther King Day. This is a national holiday. There is absolutely no reason that those things need to be passed out,” said one man who didn’t want to be identified.

Alabama "White Genocide" Billboard Removed due to Death Threats from Militant Anti-Whites


Only having been up for number of hours, the billboard company in Birmingham,

Alabama started receiving death threats both at their home and office. This has forced the company to remove the sign for fear of violence. But the word is the activists will be receiving a FULL refund. Not bad for the amount of publicity it received and now for FREE. Congratulations again to the Guys and Gals in Alabama for getting this billboard up and FORCING the conversation on #WhiteGenocide.

PEGIDA: 25,000 Protest in Dresden, Movement is Spreading Across Europe


Despite pleas from prominent German politicians,

the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) staged another anti-Islam protest in Dresden, drawing a record 25,000 patriots on Monday evening. Monday's protest was a tribute to the victims of the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris last week, with protestors wearing black armbands to signify mourning and holding a moment of silence for the deceased.

Antisemitism on Rise in Venezuela: Swastika Graffiti Sprayed on Synagogue


The graffiti included a swastika and a celtic cross, a symbol widely used by NS organizations.

The number “6 million” – a reference to the number of Jews in Holocaust – was accompanied by a question mark. The U.S. based jewish Anti-Defamation League has issued a reminder to the Venezuelan regime of President Maduro that it is “responsible for the safety and well-being of Venezuela’s Jewish community” after anti-Semitic graffiti was sprayed on the wall of a synagogue in the capital, Caracas.

German Anti-Islam Rally Hits Record Number


Thousands demonstrate against Muslim immigration as lights on major landmarks are turned off in a counter-protest.

Around 18,000 people have taken part in an anti-Islam rally in the German city of Dresden despite a plea by Chancellor Angela Merkel to reject the growing protests, which she has branded racist. While the demonstration was the biggest so far, similar far-right rallies held in other German cities have been met by much bigger counter-protests.

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