Germany: Anti-Islam Demos Spread to Berlin


The anti-Islam demonstrations which have rocked Dresden will spread to Berlin,

with the first such anti-islam march being held in the capital. Calling itself "Berlin Patriots Against The Islamification of the West", or Bärgida, organisers are calling for a crowd of several hundred to assemble outside the city hall at 6.30 pm for a march to the Brandenburg Gate. However, that figure is likely to be dwarfed by counter-demonstrations, organised by both the city's numerous anti-fascist activists and the capital's Turkish community - who hope to draw up to 11,000 marchers.

CNBC: "Right Wing in Europe Could Bring Turmoil"


European zionist leaders have joined forces to warn of the rise of right-wing political movements on the continent,

amid fears of "unrest and political turmoil" in the region if their growth goes unchecked. Speaking in her traditional New Year's address, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned against right-wing populism and criticized recent anti-Islamic protests in the country, saying they were driven by prejudice and a hatred of foreigners.

Looking for Neo-Nazis? There's an App for That!


One of the key beliefs of the left-wing is that anyone who disagrees with the government must be shut down.

To this end, the local government of Berlin has cooperated other anti-speech allies to create a smartphone app that allows left-wing extremists to hunt down those who disagree with the government and silence their speech. “Are they really Nazis?” “We don’t know lol we don’t even have a definition of that term – but as the old Hebrew saying goes ‘when in doubt, shut it down.'”

Third of Italians Back Anti-Immigrant Nationalist Party


More than one third of Italians are ready to vote for the anti-EU, anti-immigration Northern League, a poll showed on Sunday.

Matteo Salvini, the youthful leader of the right-wing regional party, confirmed his status as the rising star of Italian politics with approval ratings of 35 percent in a Demos & Pi poll published by La Repubblica newspaper - up five per cent on November. Salvini, 41, who launched a bid to extend his party's appeal to the poorer south of the country amid much fanfare on Friday, came second in the poll to Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, 39, who it said has the confidence of exactly half of Italians.

Apple Removes White Power Bands from iTunes


The iTunes music store is a great way for liberal extremist, communist and anarchist artists to give people access to their music,

but it's no longer a good place for white power bands. Following a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center on the large number of albums from white power bands available for purchase on iTunes, Apple has made the choice to pull those albums from the store.

German Anti-Muslim Demonstrations Drew 15,000 Yesterday (Up from 10,000 Last Week)


Lutz Hagen, a professor at Dresden’s Technical University, said it was wrong to write off all PEGIDA supporters as far-right nuts.

“It’s already a broad movement and could become even broader,” he said.  A new grass-roots movement that assails the German government for ignoring its fears of being overrun by Muslims and other immigrants attracted a record 15,000 marchers on Monday in the eastern city of Dresden.

Germany: "Neo-Nazis" Allegedly Burns Down Immigrant Housing


"Far-right arsonists" are believed to have caused fires which damaged 3 buildings earmarked for non-white invaders near Nuremberg in southern Germany.

The renovated buildings were empty when the fires took hold on Thursday night. Firefighters quickly put out the blazes and no-one was seriously hurt. Swastikas were daubed on one building with the slogan "no asylum seeker in Vorra" - the town where it happened.

Denmark: Patriotic Ethno-Nationalist Party in First Place


If an election were held today, the nationalist Danish People’s Party (DF) would sweep into power.

DF has topped all other parties in an opinion poll. In the poll, they received 21.2 percent of the vote, a massive increase over the 12.3 percent of they earned in the 2011 election. “This is a fantastic poll for the Danish People’s Party. But I also know that in the next poll released we’re likely to go back down again,” DF’s party leader, Kristian Thulesen Dahl said.

Support for Nationalists Swells in Sweden


The number of Swedes intending to vote for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has shot up according to a new poll released on Monday.

The poll suggested that if there had been an election last week, 18 percent of voters would have selected the nationalist party, compared with 13 percent who chose to vote for them at the last election. Support for Prime Minister Stefan Löfven's party dipped slightly, with 29.6 percent of people saying they would vote for the Social Democrats, compared with 31.1 percent in September.

Far Eastern Trend: National Socialism on Rise in Japan


Nationalist chants bellowed from a loudspeaker and Hinomaru flags were waved at a rally in Tokyo attended by about 40 people following a young person dressed in military uniform.

But what set this demonstration apart from the usual protests against Koreans and Chinese were the swastika flags fluttering beside Japan’s national flag. “We will recover the honor of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany,” one person shouted, as the protesters marched through a busy entertainment area of the Ikebukuro district.

New Type of Anti-Immigration Protest is Sweeping across Germany


A new type of anti-immigration protest is sweeping across Germany,

as thousands take to the streets against the growing Islamisation of the country. The new protests, which began in the city of Dresden, feature no NS slogans. Instead the demonstrators have adopted the old rallying call of the protests against the East German communist regime that brought down the Berlin Wall 25 years ago, “We are the people”.

Councilor offended by “Anti-racist = Anti-White” stickers in Lincoln, England


According to Lincolnshire Echo, some stickers have been found around the city of Lincoln which say “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White“.

Karen Lee, a councilor for the city of Lincoln, asked local residents online to report any of the “offensive” stickers they find around the area so the council can remove them as soon as possible. The Lincolnshire Echo asked a 19 year-old passerby what he thought of the sticker’s message.

Afrikaner White Nationalist Town of Orania Continues to Expand


The remarkable Afrikaner nationalist settlement of Orania in South Africa continues to expand and will soon have the region’s leading shopping center,

doctor’s surgery, dentist, and eye specialist—and there is no truth to an internet-based rumor that the town has been outlawed, according to an official spokesman. The claim that the town has been “outlawed” was started on a blog called the “Diversity Times”—which said that a South African Supreme Court ruling had ordered the town to admit black residents.

Albany, Oregon: White Genocide Flyers Found on Cars


Last week on the Veteran’s Day parade in Albany, Oregon, residents found flyers against White Genocide placed on their car windshields.

The flyers featured the phrases “ANTI-RACIST is a code word for ANTI-WHITE” and “DIVERSITY is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE.” Some anti-Whites were outraged and immediately called the police and local government, and wrote letters to the Democrat-Herald.

Russia Today: "Neo-Nazis" Tricked into Holding Fundraising Walk for Anti-Fascist Charity (VIDEO)


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