VIDEO: Golden Dawn Leader Denounces Zionist Puppet Regime in Parliament (English Subs)


In the video above,  Golden Dawn New York Division has done a translation of highlights from our leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos’ speech in parliament.

He along with Giannis Lagos and Christos Pappas were given temporary release from prison to address the Parliament during a motion to lift parliamentary immunity. Keep in mind this is just a partial translation of the speech,  Golden Dawn New York Division is working on a more complete version, please spread this video around as much as possible.

European and Municipal Elections: The White Youth of Greece are with Golden Dawn


Golden Dawn is now entrenched in the hearts and minds of the Hellenic youth.

The release of demographic statistics from the recent European and Municipal elections show that the youth is voting for Golden Dawn in numbers that are causing shrieking from both the communists and conservatives. The controlled media bureaucracy in Greece is functioning as the parakeet of the powers that be, afraid that Golden Dawn is not only here to stay, but bound to get stronger.

UK: White Nationalist Gets 16 Month Prison Sentence for Speech Crimes


Speech crimes are making an absolute mockery of the law.

There are rapists and killers who have been given less of a prison sentence than Lewis Foulds has, and all he did was say some mean words. So he is not allowed to make jokes, not allowed to speak the truth, and not allowed to tell people his political views, because if he does, he should expect to be locked up. What a wonderful free country modern Britain is.

VIDEO: Nationalist Youth Marching Against the Multiculturalism in Vienna


White nationalists of the Identitarian Movement held a rally in Vienna on May 17.

Organizing themselves across social media, members of factions across Europe flooded in from France, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland to join the Austrian faction to demonstrate against the EU. To combat the protest, an anti-fascist group known as Offense Against the Right also gathered in the Austrian capital. As crowds became increasingly angry, police moved in to arrest protesters and separate the two opposing factions.

Jews Blame Golden Dawn for Increasing Antisemitism in Greece


A poll done by the ADL ranked Greece as the most Antisemitic country in Europe. The Jews, predictably, came out and blamed the Golden Dawn for this.

JTA: On its surface, the poll suggests that anti-Semitism is running rampant in Greece. Much of the blame goes to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has found fertile ground for its extreme-right ideology in the ruins of Greece’s economic crisis.

Britain First Invades Mosques Across UK, Demands End to Child Sex Rings


The brave lads of Britain First have invaded mosques across the UK and handed out pamphlets about the ongoing epidemic of Muslim “grooming gangs.”

This action was a very proper British approach to the problem of Muslim child-rape gangs, but bold action nonetheless. I sense that this is a first step in a larger plan. Once it is known that the Muslim community understands that their people are drugging, raping and forcing girls as young as ten into prostitution, and they do nothing to address it, then they can be held responsible as an entire community, rather than “a few bad apples.”

Oy vey: NPD Accused of "neo-Nazi traits set" for EU Parliament


The National Democratic Party (NPD) has put stopping mass immigration at the core of its election program for this week's vote.

Abolition of a German law allowing only parties with three percent of the vote to claim seats will almost certainly open the door to the NPD. The NPD says immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria are coming to Germany to use its social services. "We say Europe is the continent of white people and it should remain that way," Udo Voigt, the lead candidate for the NPD, told Reuters in a rare interview.

Golden Dawn: Unprecedented White Nationalist Victory Under Hostile Circumstances!


The hardships and hostility of the double municipal and regional elections were numerous.

Not only was there constant propaganda by all the politicians and Media against us, but also for the conspiracy of silence that barred Golden Dawn's representatives from public and open conversations. There was an issue of politicization of the elections, that were won, but not to their fullest potential. This will be more evident in the European Elections. But we must see the numbers for our revolutionary Party, to alleviate all doubts that the Greek People will not withdraw from the nationalist phalanx!

Belgium: Zionist-Controlled Riot Police Use Water Cannon to Attack "Anti-Semitic" Rally


Riot police in Brussels used water cannon to disperse a crowd defying a ban on a gathering of anti-zionist figures including French comic Dieudonne, which zionists called an "anti-Semitic hatefest".

Citing a threat to public order, the mayor of the Brussels district of Anderlecht banned both the meeting and any protests connected to it. But organizers of the so-called "European Dissidents' Congress" - a Brussels bookshop and a group called "Debout les Belges!" (Belgians, Rise up!) - urged supporters to head to the venue for "a surprise", sparking the standoff with riot police.

Greece: Two Retired Generals Announce They’re Running for MEP on Golden Dawn Ticket


“Unlike the slacker politicos, TV and football figures running for the kleptocratic parties, the finest Greeks of our day are participating in Golden Dawn’s national struggle.”

Official Statement from Golden Dawn concerning their 42 member candidate list. The establishment Greek parties have taken major legislative action to derail Golden Dawn. This includes denying the party the share of public funding it was entitled too. This also includes leveling fake criminal charges against many of it’s members and leaders.

Zionist-Controlled Top Court to Rule on Banning the Golden Dawn


Greek courts are not controlled at the same level as, say, American courts, as evidenced by the fact that several members of the Golden Dawn were released by a judge shortly after their illegal arrest.

There is no legal basis on which to ban the Golden Dawn, calling them a “criminal organization” is mere gibberish. There is also the fact that the people support them, including many people in government. If they do ban them, hell is going to break loose, which is another reason for the judges to vote against this measure. No one wants hell to break loose.

VIDEO: Tolerant "Democrats" Rioted and Clashed with Police Because of a Nationalist Rally in Berlin


About 100 patriots were allowed to march 300 meters from their gathering point as left-wingers joined forces to stop the Nationalist rally in Berlin.

Thousands left wingers stopped a march by the National Democratic Party of Germany in its tracks, a correspondent from Russian news agency Itar-Tass reported from the scene. About 100 Nationalists were able to move about 300 meters from their original meeting point, the Jannowitzbrucke Bridge in the center of Berlin. All possible routes off the bridge were blocked by a consortium of left-wingers, trade unionists, anti-fascist scum.

VIDEO: French Nationalists on Patrol against Non-White Violence in Subways


Last month, members of white patriotic group Génération Identitaire (GI) launched an anti-scum security tour in the subway system of the northern French town of Lille.

About 30 men in yellow raincoats gathered on March 14 and 25 to patrol the trains running on the Transpole network, apparently with the goal of imposing a deterrent presence against non-white thugs who attack and steal with impunity.

The Naked Zionist Tyranny of EU: Brussels Bans Forza Nuova from Running in Elections


The Brussels-imposed puppet government of Italy moved to deny Italy’s increasingly angry voters the right to choose a party which would end the crucifixion of their country.

The regime’s police used naked repression to prevent Italy’s only effective nationalist party, Forza Nuova, from collecting and submitting the 300,000 signatures needed in order to stand in next month’s EU elections. This blatant interference in the democratic process in order to lock out effective opposition marks a new low in the subjection of Italy to the EU puppet junta.

"The Rise of the Greek Nazis": New Judeo Propaganda against Golden Dawn (VIDEO)


60 Minutes Australia, broadcast on a well known Zionist channel has produced a new segment targeted at the wider Australian population to defame Greeks and the Golden Dawn.

The piece starts out with the usual jabbering about swastikas and Hitler, among other things completely unrelated to modern Greek society, in order to create the impression that Golden Dawn actions are an attempt to resurrect Nazi Germany rather than a living breathing national liberation movement of the Greek people. The lies and distortions are obvious for all to see.

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