Nationalist Report: PEGIDA Spreads to Vienna, Front National Rising, Nationalism Rising in Sweden


With each day that passes, the Nationalist movement grows stronger and stronger.

The flood gates have burst open, and the establishment has no means of suppressing the rising tide of Nationalism as it spreads like wildfire throughout the West. Indeed, the day of reckoning for the treasonous political class and their comrades in the media is fast approaching. Today's Nationalist Report will cover Marine Le Pen's Front National party's victory, PEGIDA's initial rally in Austria, and the rise of "Islamophobia" in Sweden.


Front National Wins First Round of Doubs by-election

In the first election in France since the terrorist attack in Paris, the French people have clearly chosen Nationalism.  Receiving 32.6% of the vote in the Doubs parliamentary by-election, Front National's Sophie Montel has claimed first place in the first round of voting.

Montel will face Frederic Barbier of the Islamapologist Socialist Party of France in the decisive second round of voting on Sunday.

And in a stunning break from tradition, the French center-right UMP party has declined to back the Socialist Party in the second round of voting.  UMP leader Nicholas Sarkozy announced that the choice will be up to the people and that he will not advise his party members to vote for the Socialist candidate.


Historically, the French left and mainstream right have agreed to support each other whenever the other went head-to-head against the "far right" Front National in an election.  This strategy has effectively blocked Front National from representation in the French government, despite a significant degree of support from the French people.

But the political landscape in France has been dramatically altered, as the Front National has emerged as the most popular political party in the nation, and their leader Marine Le Pen emerging as the most popular politician.

A former UMP minister has stated, "It's very serious.  Marine Le Pen is on the doorstep of power."  For the sake of the French people, I hope that Le Pen breaks down that door, and once inside, she cleans house in France.

And I also hope that Le Pen will force the traitors of the fifth Republic to answer for their treacherous actions, and to execute swift justice to those guilty of betraying the French people.

PEGIDA Spreads to Austria

The PEGIDA movement continues to spread across Europe, although scandals and media harassment have severely weakened the movement in its birthplace in Germany. Approximately 250 PEGIDA supporters braved the winter chill on Monday night, rallying in Austria's capital city of Vienna.


Austria is reeling from the revelation that 170 "Austrians" have joined the barbaric Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, prompting a series of attacks on Muslim women dressed in their Halloween costumes.

The Nationalist 'Freedom Party of Austria' (FPO) is a major force in Austrian politics, and the rising Nationalist sentiment within the country should lead to a successful, sustained PEGIDA presence in Austria.

"Austrians" protesting against PEGIDA (Source)

PEGIDA Austria has scheduled another rally for this Sunday in the town of Linz.

"Islamophobia" Rising in Sweden

The United Nations is concerned with the rising number of "hate crimes" being reported in Sweden, as the rise of Nationalism has produced a backlash against the massive waves of Muslim immigrants flooding the streets of Sweden.

The Nationalist 'Sweden Democrats' are now the third largest party in Sweden, and their popularity continues to rise.

Frederik Ottesen, a member of the Sweden Democrats, has stated that "We are losing our country.  If you look at our big cities, we are becoming a minority."

Ironically, the United Nations (nor the Swedish government) is not concerned with the violent crime and rape epidemic the "new Swedes" have brought to Sweden's shores.

Linda, a Swedish victim of a Muslim gang rape in 2005 (Source)

In fact, Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe.  Approximately 1/3 of Swedish women can expect to be a victim of sexual assault by the time they leave their teens.  Moreover, any recognition of Sweden's immigrant rape problem will get you arrested for "hate speech".

Consequently, the continuation of Sweden's reckless immigration policy will serve to further strengthen Swedish Nationalism.  And it is truly a sign of the times that Nationalism is flourishing in Sweden, the leftist capital of the world.


(Heresy Blog)

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