Whites Were Brutally Attacked Recently by African Gangs in Dublin City


Ireland only recently started to get African immigrants. It did not take long for gangs of African immigrants to begin committing hate crime mob attacks against white Irish people.

Two whites brutally attacked at random in Dublin City by African immigrants. Paper says other similar attacks have occurred around the metropolitan area. These are the shocking injuries suffered by a young man in a savage, random attack on the streets of Dublin. Welcome to diversity Ireland. Have you learned nothing from the mistakes of America?

Kieran Broderick (25) was just yards from his home when he was viciously assaulted by a man armed with a heavy object. The young man feared for his life as he was knocked to the ground and beaten repeatedly.

As his assailtant hit him with what’s believed to have been a bottle tied in a sling, two men in the company of the attack stood by watching the incident. Kieran today tells how he pleaded with his attacker to stop but received several blows before he managed to flee.

It’s understood that one line of inquiry is that the african trio had travelled from Dublin. Speaking to the Herald today, Kieran said he is “hopeful” the men will be caught. “It was a scary enough incident and the injuries were brutal. But I’m going to the doctor again this week and I’m on the mend,” he said.

“I was just minding my own business on my way home having returned from Dublin City. I was close to my home when I saw three black men walking towards me. When I was walking past them I felt a severe blow to my head and it knocked me to the ground,” he added.

This is not so much a negroid problem as it is a purely Jewish problem. If we want to free ourselves of the huge genocidal burden placed upon each and every one of us and our families we need to cut off the head of the international beast known as the Jew. Once the Jew has been cut down to size we can then roll up our sleeves and begin sweeping the streets of these negroid beasts.

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