Heroic 13 Year Old White Girl Stops Brutal Black Robber-Killer in South Africa


A brave 13-year-old white girl repeatedly kicked and hit a black male on his head with a walking stick to stop him from throttling her granny.

Jemma de Gaspary said on Thursday she had not hesitated to fight off the robber because it was a matter of life and death for her 75-year-old gran, Elizabeth Shepherd. Since the robbery on Wednesday afternoon, the Grade 8 pupil at St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls, Kloof, has been sleeping with her baseball bat next to her.

Shepherd, who sustained bruises to her neck, said the robber had gained entry into her well-secured Gillitts complex through the front door.

She said she had gone to the doctor and then fetched Jemma from her home, a few streets away, to visit her for the afternoon.

Her 81-year-old husband, Roy, a financial consultant, was at work.

Shepherd said: “It was about 4pm when we returned home. The front door was unlocked. But I did not think anything because the maid was still there.”

As she entered the house, Shepherd said she saw someone move very quickly into her bedroom.

“I thought it was the maid. I walked in her direction to go to speak to her. As I entered my bedroom I saw a young man crouching at the side of the bed,” she said, adding the domestic worker had been in the toilet when the robber gained entry into the complex.

The entire room had been ransacked and the couple’s belongings were strewn on the floor and bed. Shepherd said the robber must have been in the house for at least 15 minutes. She screamed when she saw him and tried to run.

“He came after me. He grabbed me from behind and began throttling me. I tried to fight him off but he just tightened his grip around my neck.”

(Daily News)

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