"FEMEN" Calls on French Women to Have Sex with Foreigners and Produce Children


The terrorists of Femen have used their Facebook page to call for French Women to have sex with foreigners and produce non-White offspring as part of some unclear protest against… whatever.

The following post was made on the 22nd, and was accompanied by a picture of a naked blonde woman with “foreigners fuck better” written across her chest.

 "Marine Le Pen called the French population to “make French children” as a response to “a considerable immigration”. Alert! The fascist epidemic transforms into STD and try to contaminate our vaginas. As a serum, Femen sextremists call all the French women to kiss, to suck, be licked, to wank, to stick fingers in, to pump, to fuck as many foreigners as they can before the European elections. We count on you to have many multicolors buns in your ovens! Femen gives the starting signal of the international marathon of sex! Cosmopolitan France will win against FN mafia! ! FOREIGNERS FUCK BETTER !"

(Daily Stormer)

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